Food Journal

> Create a “photo album” of each of your meals and snacks as a visual profile of your eating habits for you, your buddies and/or your nutrition advisor.
> View your pictures organized by meals and snacks.
> Send still pictures or videos of what you eat, with or without written or sound description.
> Type in the meal/snack description when you forget to take the picture before eating.
By keeping track of your food intake and becoming aware of your eating habits, you are on the right track to making great food choices.


> Make new buddies and share your food journal with them.
> Discuss on cooking, vegetarian eating, managing diabetes and other topics in the forum.
> Get encouragment and the tips you need for improvement.
By taking pictures of what you eat and sharing them with your buddies, you get motivated to make better food choices. In addition, through feedback and looking at other food journals, you can get the tips you need to improve your own diet.


> See your daily USDA recommended portions for each group of the food pyramid; grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and beans, dairy products and “good fats”.
> Score the content of your food pictures and see the food group gauges more accordingly.
> Access a “serving-size tool” to guide you with portions and food-category examples.
> Like on a dashboard, these virtual dials let you know when you’re on-target or off-track with your daily intake of each food group (for today, the last day, or the last 7, 14, 21 or 28 days that you scored your pictures).
By scoring your pictures, you realize what’s in the food you eat and you can target your recommended intakes. This way, you can eat proper amounts of the good food you need without counting calories

Access from your phone

Most of our product’s features are available on your cell phone:
> Receive SMS notification before meals as a reminder to take pictures.
> See your dashboard.
> Read text messages from your advisor and from “support”.
> You can access these features by login in at “mobile.myfoodphone.com” on your phone.
By having these features on your phone, you carry the tools to stay on the right track with you.

Biometric data

> Enter your biometric data (weight, blood pressure and exercise)
> View your BMI, healthy weight range, calorie level, calories burned.
> Track and evaluate your progress.
By keeping track of your condition, you can measure and enjoy your success!

Video feedback / Message Center (available with the $9.99 service only)

> Get state-of-the-art advice and information.
> Receive personalized video feedback from your Nutrition Advisor.
> View videos chosen just for you and suited to your particular nutrition habits and needs.
Have unlimited access to your Advisor’s messages and to the Nutrition Videos you have received. By receiving personal feedback from your advisor, you will know what to focus on in your current diet and how to make progress.