By joining the myFoodPhone Community you can:

Get the support and tips you need to improve your own eating habits:

> Share ideas with other myFoodPhone members about cooking, vegetarian eating, managing diabetes and more!
> Find a friend for one-on-one support or buddies with similar interests.
> Share your food journal with your myFoodPhone buddies to get helpful and motivating feedback.

 Become aware of your nutrition and eating motivation:

> Monitor what you eat and become conscious of your eating habits to manage your food choices better.

Go for a more nutritious, satisfying and healthier food style:

> Learn to eat suitable servings of the proper food you need, without counting calories, by targeting your personalized, recommended intake of each USDA Food Pyramid group.

See results:

> Track and evaluate your progress by logging biometric data(weight, BMI, blood pressure).