My Food Phone – A New Way To Stay Healthy

Basic nutritional knowledge is all you need to determine whether your meal is healthy for you or not. It’s quite simple as it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. Everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy. Almost every ingredient found in a fast food dish is harmful, from bread that is packed with sugar to meat that tastes like no fresh meat you ever tried.

On the other hand, you will know that the vegetables you bought from organic food vendor will be healthy as it doesn’t contain any form of additives that change the way it grows or tastes. But you don’t have to update your knowledge about food to keep a track on things you eat. MyFoodPhone is an application that will do everything for you.

How does this application work?

AppThis application is quite simple as you only have to take a picture of what you eat and keep a log of all the things you eat. The progress you make is viable through a chart, with an option to check the biometric data as well (as long as you enter a time of the eating).

Now the services ranch out from this point into two distinct section, free and paid services. The free service turns this application into a community support group that is similar to Facebook. If you choose the community option, then you will become a member of a small team of people who are trying to improve their eating habits. Others will support you, and you will assist others. This type of interaction is exciting but not as impressive as the paid option.

Paid service of the MyFoodPhone app

If you are interested in this application and its free service, then you will get hooked on it when you check out the paid option. The monthly payment this app requires is only ten dollars, and this is a bargain when you find out what you get from it.

The paid service gives you your nutritionist, whose job is to advise you on what to eat. They will monitor your habits and advise what to change to improve the nutritional value of the dishes you consume. The said adviser will also look for videos that will address your predicament and give you additional info on how to deal with them.

Ten dollars a month is nothing compared to the knowledge you will acquire during this process and health benefits you will experience during the same.

The expansion into the medical side of the subject

MyFoodPhone is a perfect prototype of an application that blend community support, professional assistance, and health-related issues into one. The app gives you several options on how to approach your food-related matters and how to deal with them.

This type of approach to problems is why this application encountered such success. It’s sad that it didn’t receive the coverage it should have gotten, as it revolutionized the view of the nutritional value of things we eat.